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About Piedmont Soccer Club

Founded in 1976, Piedmont Soccer Club (PSC) was established for the purpose of developing, promoting, and administering the game of soccer among youth under the age of nineteen without regard to race, creed, sex or ability. The club serves Piedmont and surrounding communities. Incorporated as a California Non-profit Public Benefits 501(c)(3) corporation, PSC is a volunteer-led organization, where members of the PSC Board and parents help run the program. With over 800 children registered yearly in both competitive and recreational programming, PSC is the largest sports club based in Piedmont. The club utilizes all playing fields in Piedmont as well as fields in Alameda for practices and games. It has been continually looking for additional field sites to meet the needs of its growing participants.


Providing a pathway for athletes of all ages and levels to grow through soccer.


The club of choice for every youth athlete in Piedmont and surrounding communities.

Core Values


  • Excellence - Persistent pursuit of providing the highest quality soccer experiences for players and coaches
  • Leadership - We believe playing soccer helps players learn to treat other competitors with respect, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop winning strategies, and manage time effectively. It also develops confidence and the ability to make quick decisions. All of these skills and core values are necessary to succeed in all types of leadership roles.
  • Education - Teaching life-skills through soccer.
  • Visionary - Promoting creativity and innovation in how the game is played and coached to push the game forward
  • Accountability - We believe in an athlete centered approach which is a coaching philosophy underpinned by a set of values and coaching behaviors, where the primary goal of the coach is to help their player take responsibility for their learning and behavior.
  • Teamwork - Working towards a common goal on and off the field.
  • Empower - Inspire our coaches and players to develop themselves, assume greater responsibility, and make decisions that are integral to their success.

Style of Play

High intensity, possession based soccer, built upon finding gaps between the lines via individual skill, movement off the ball and clever combination play in order to score more goals.

Key Qualities of a Player

The consistent ability to quickly select and execute the correct soccer action for the situation.

  1. Communication: A player’s ability to deliver and interpret relevant verbal and non-verbal information
  2. Game Insight: A player’s ability to receive and process the correct decision with appropriate speed of thought and execution
  3. Optimal Technique: A player’s ability to execute appropriate soccer actions within a game related setting
  4. Creativity: A player’s ability to problem solve with confidence in a game related setting
  5. Game Related Fitness: A player’s ability to meet the physical demands of the game
  6. Effort: A player’s ability to try their hardest consistently
  7. Focus: A player’s ability to maintain concentration at all times


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