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Concussion Information

Piedmont Soccer Club Concussion Policy 10.8.15

PSC expects that all head coaches and assistant coaches:

  1. Be knowledgeable about concussions including the types of injuries which may lead to a concussion and signs and symptoms which may indicate a possible concussion.
    PSC recommends coaches obtain further online training on concussions through the free CDC’s Heads Up on-line certificate course (takes 35-40 minutes to complete):
  2. If there is a possible chance of a concussion, remove the player from the field or practice session for further evaluation. (“When in doubt, sit them out”)
  3. Cooperate with the referees who may determine a player needs to come off the field due to possible concussion.
  4. Notify a player’s parent or legal guardian when a player is removed from practice or a game due to possible concussion.

Useful Concussion Resources

Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League

 Jack London League’s Concussion Policy

CDC Heads Up Links & Resources

 How to recognize a concussion
 What to do if a concussion occurs
 US Soccer Concussion Guidelines – Concussions Article

NorCal League (where most PSC Highlander teams play)

No stated policy, but they have links to selected Concussion Information from the CDC’s Heads Up concussion resources and from U.S. Soccer:
 How to recognize a concussion
 What to do if a concussion occurs
 Fact Sheet for Coaches
 Fact Sheet for Players
 US Soccer Concussion Guidelines – Federation Services

Fact Sheet For Coaches

Concussion Fact Sheet For Coaches

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