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Air Quality

Piedmont Soccer Club’s President and Director of Coaching will announce decisions related to air quality and the safety of playing soccer outdoors by 3 PM on the day of practices and 1 hour prior to competitive team home game start to allow families time to change schedules. In the event of AQI trending up or down, decisions will continue to be made 1 hour prior to practices or games.

For RecPlay matches, JLYSL will make a one-time morning announcement:

For competitive team away games, the NorCal Premier Soccer League AQI Policy will apply:

  • 0-100: Games should be played - can be rescheduled if both teams agree

  • 101-150: Games can be rescheduled - decision to be made by home team/ club

  • 151+: Games should be canceled and rescheduled

PSC recommends that individual teams reschedule Away games when the AQI exceeds 101.

If the average AQI for Piedmont and adjacent field locations reaches 101 or higher, then PSC practices and Home games will be cancelled for the safety and welfare of PSC players, coaches, and opponents. Piedmont Soccer Club currently uses the air quality monitoring website and will base decisions on the data provided. Piedmont uses the US EPA 2.5 PM AQI data source together with 10 min averaged value and the US EPA correction applied.

Parents are encouraged to use their own best judgement when deciding what is best for the health of their players.

For the current real-time AQI forecast provided by Purple Air, click on the image below.


purple air

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