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10 Tips For First Time Sports Parents
Positive Coach/Parent Partnership

Practice At Home

For players that want to get those extra touches at home, here are some resources for you to further develop your game…


Using the printable scorecard, time yourself for each activity (30-60 seconds) and write down your score. Repeat and try to beat your score, without sacrificing technique!
In order to improve conditioning as well as technique, work through an entire scorecard in one session (45-60 seconds per activity, with 30 seconds recovery. 1-2 minute recovery between each block)
SkillSKOOL ScoreCard A
SkillSKOOL ScoreCard B
SkillSKOOL ScoreCard C
SkillSKOOL ScoreCard D
SkillSKOOL ScoreCard Template

Off Season Packet

Just because your team isn’t in season, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be getting quality touches on the ball. Use these ‘off-season packets’ to give you some ideas on how to keep developing your game.
U8 – U10
U14 – U19

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